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My name is Johnny Kleso

I grew up in Northern New Jersey till 1991 when I moved to Rex, Georgia...

I attended the largest school in NJ and 3rd largest in the country at the time it was a technical and vocational high school in Wayne, NJ I took Machine Shop studies as my major and worked in various machine shop jobs for the next 30+ years.. I worked doing Tool & Die, Pattern Making, Model Making, Experimental and Proto Type work on things like the GPS Satellites, Radar Tubes for the USS Ticondaroga, I worked for a Architect making sales area models, spa's and perfume bottles to prototypes for Sony Boom Boxes.. I also worked at Keystone Camera making models of a new models of cameras from scratch..

About Rex Mill

Rex Mill is listed on the National Register of Historic Places It was build by I.L. Hollingsworth and names after his dog Rex, years later the town was named after the mill.. It's located at Rex Road in Clayton County Georgia USA and was built around 1830 if my memory servers me correctly .. It was built as a Grist Mill and they grind grain of corn in this case and makes what all southern's know Grits which is the southern version of oat meal..

And no I do not own the mill but has been in disrepair for many years and maybe for sale to the right buyer who will preserve it and not rip it apart and add vinyl siding or some other cheezy retrofit..

Rex Mill

MKIII Sharpening Machine I have almost finished building a LV style MKII \ Lap Sharp sharpening system.. I call it my MK III, the total cost so far is about $70, I used a 1/3HP GE motor and some Pillow Blocks, a Jet Lathe 8" Face Plate with a 5/8" shaft and some pulleys.. So far I have only flatten blade backs and it works super. I have clad the plywood with a sheet of SS metal and will build or buy a tool rest soon.. You can view the images and description..

Hand Planes 101This is a collection of pages I have put together with all the methods I use in tuning and refinishing hand planes for my self and as a service I provided to woodworking forum members on the internet ..I am no longer refinishing hand planes but I am trying to explain with pictures and text the methods I use..

Back Yard Heat Treating Oven had started making blades for hand planes and marking knives and needed a klim to do the heat treating.. This page explains where and how I made my oven and how to heat and harden 0-1 Tool Steel.
Most of the info on the oven came from Back Yard Metal Caster really great site if you want to build a oven of start casting metals..

Machine Shop Lathe Service have started making hardware parts for infill and woodworking tools.. So far I have a hand full of customers I have made items for.. These vary from First Class Norris Style Depth Adjusters to Lever Cap Screws to Frame Saw Adjusting Screws to Back Saw Screws.. Check out my Machine Shop page to view some of the items I have made already.. I have planes to also start making small hand tools..

Got Wood? I have a few places I found for great wood deals, Justin Holden's
is one of them.. I have bought 669 BF of Okoume (African Mahogany) for $669 + $303 shipping and its SUPER Quality.. So check his pallet loads or single boards at his eBay store and be aware to read listing well as some of the wood he lists has checking problems and some is FAS..

Your Cutting Edge A Collection of pages on different methods of sharpening plane irons, chisels and various other cutting tools.. The Main Page contains methods include Bench Stoned, Scary Sharp Method that is using sand paper glued to a flat surface like glass of granite, Power Sharpening page explains use of motor driven sharpening tools, Sharpening Jigs and Gauges as well as Super Charging, what I call adding loose abrasive grit to sandpaper or bench stone to renew the cutting action,Getting Started page has a short list of tools I think is necessary for sharpening.

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